As Part of Berlin Fashion Week, a Magical Catwalk Show Will Be Staged, Combining Cutting Edge 3d Technology, Tailor-made Music Composition and Contemporary Fashion.Anaglyph_web_gif02

Avant-garde Fashion Design Meets Skilled Seamstress. A Cross-cultural Fashion Event Bringing Together Generations, Nationalities and Artistic Disciplines.
Divided Into Four Parts, the Artist’s Take the Spectator on a Visual Journey Through Three-dimensional Animated Scenery, Dynamic Portraiture, Abstract Geometrics and Inspiring Collage.
Audience Members Will Each Be Issued With a Pair of Custom-made 3d Glasses to Alter Their “Depth of Perception”, and to Create a New, Multi-layered, Frame of Reference to Absorb the Outfits Which Have Been Designed to Maximize the Effect.Anaglyph_web_Visuals_01
20 Unique Outfits, Hand-crafted Using a Number of Intricate Techniques, and Thoughtfully Soundtracked by a Local Musician Into Four Unique Sonic Landscapes.
“Anaglyph” Is a Collective of Artists Who Joined Forces in 2013, With a Firm Focus on the Creative Process, and the Possibilities Which Can Be Forged Through Inter-disciplinary Collaboration. Equally Central Is the Theme of Multi-cultural Integration, Which Has Welcomed the Support Received From the German-arab Center for Education and Integration in the Form of Seamstress Support.